Understanding Your Bill

Charges for your local service are billed one month in advance.  Bills are due and payable upon receipt.  Long distance charges are billed after you use the service and may be billed separately by your chosen carrier.  Subscribers will be held responsible for all long distance messages originating from their telephone line, whether made by themselves or others.  In most instances, charges for installing or changing equipment are billed following completion of the work. 

Some items on your bill statement include: 

Access Recovery Charge (ARC): The ARC is a monthly surcharge telecommunications providers are permitted to assess in order to defray some of the costs associated with terminating calls from other carriers on local networks.

Interstate End User Charge: This charge, authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is designed to recover a portion of the cost of connecting telephone customers to the nationwide telephone network through the local network.

911 Fee: This fee funds the Montana 911 emergency telephone program and is imposed on each telephone line. The fee is collected by the MT Department of Revenue and is used by cities and counties to upgrade and maintain their 911 systems.

MT Telecommunications Access Service: This monthly fee funds equipment and relay centers to help speech, hearing and mobility impaired Montanans place and receive calls.

Federal Excise Tax: The charge is 3% of all local telephone charges. It is charged to all telephone users nationwide and is remitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

MT Excise Tax: This statewide charge is 3.75% of all local and long distance telephone charges. It is collected by the MT Department of Revenue.

Federal Universal Service Charge: The Federal Universal Service Fund provides monetary support to rural telephone companies operating in high cost areas to assist them in maintaining affordable local telephone service. It also funds federal programs such as E-Rate, which discounts telecommunications ser-vices for schools, libraries and medical facilities. This charge is recalculated quarterly by the FCC.