WiFi Security

What is Wifi? To some it may be using their laptop or iPod at the hotel while out of town, to others it may be using their smart phone to check e-mail at the airport, or it could be using your laptop anywhere in your house without having cords running all over. These are all correct. WiFi is the abbreviation for Wireless Fidelity networks and is simply communication across a wireless data network of typically a few hundred feet.

Safely Sharing Your Connection

In order to improve the customer experience or entice travelers to visit or stay, some business owners choose to provide a free WiFi hotspot. Triangle recommends using a separate Broadband connection for this to protect the business from the concerns mentioned above.

Securing Your Home Network

Keeping the wireless network in your home secure is also important. Consider these tips from OnguardOnline.gov, a website maintained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to keep your home network secure.

Staying Safe Away from Home

Using public WiFi hotspots to access websites just for viewing is generally safe as are password-protected spots. Here are a few things to consider for keeping your information safe while using public WiFi hotspots