Spam Filter

Log in to the new spam filter using your full e-mail address (i.e. and the same password you use to log into the webmail service.  If you have any troubles with the new spam filter, please contact our Tech Support at 1-877-730-8215.

Log In

How to Change Your Spam Filter Settings

Go to or click on Check My E-Mail on Triangle's home page.

You will need your username and password. Make sure to include

Log into your Triangle Webmail to be able to view your messages in webmail also.  For the spam filter side of things, on the main screen click on “Spam Center”
screen shot locating the spam center icon.

This will log you into the spam filter.  This web based interface gives you more spam filter options than the e-mail interface does. 

If you see multiple messages that you want to receive, hold the control key down while you click on each message. Once you have selected all that you want to receive, click on “Release”

Screenshot highlighting the release option.

A pop up window will appear.  Check the box next to "Modify my friends, enemies or other filter settings." Click Ok.

Screenshot highlighting the modify my friends, enemies or other filter settings.

Click “Next” to whitelist or blacklist all of these.

screenshot highlighting the next button to white list or blacklist addresses

Change the option to "Allow" and click "Finish."

Screenshot highlighting the allow function and the finish button