Meeting Room

As part of our commitment to community, Triangle offers use of our Hospitality Room to the public free of charge.  The room is perfect for public meetings or gatherings after business hours and is handicap accessible.  The room is equipped with tables, chairs, sink, refrigerator and restroom facilities. 


After business hours until 11pm for non-commercial functions. 

Weekly recurring meetings are not permitted.

Scheduling Priority is As Follows:

Triangle Business Use

Non-Profit & Service Groups

Community Interest & Social Groups


We provide our Hospitality Room as a service to our communities.  Therefore, there is no charge to use the facility.  We do request a $200 Cleaning and Damage Deposit to reserve the room.  Expenses incurred by Triangle for cleaning and repairs related to any event will be deducted from the deposit or billed.  If no repairs or extra cleaning is necessary,  the check will be returned or shredded.


Please return the completed Reservation Form on the left panel with a $200 check payable to Triangle Communications.

You will be notified if the room is available. Please pick up a key during business hours a day or two before the event. Our electronic door system will be set to unlock and lock the doors at the times requested. Even with the key, you will not be able to open the doors at times not programmed into the electronic (magnet) door system.  You will return the key to our after-hours deposit slot immediately after your event.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel a reservation so that the room is available for others.

Guidelines & Responsibilities

Event attendees must use the doors at the far east end of the building.  All other doors must remain closed and locked. Premises are under surveillance.

No smoking.

No alcohol.

No red dyes in food or beverages.

Room must be left clean.

Tables must be wiped and stacked in their appropriate racks face-to-face - Two may be left out.

Chairs must be wiped and stacked in their appropriate racks, no more than 20 high.

Counters, sink, refrigerator, coffee makers and restrooms must be left clean - cleaning supplies are available above the sink.

Garbage bags must be tied and properly disposed of.

All items brought in (food, beverages, decorations, etc.) must be removed.

Children must have close adult supervision.

Use may be suspended.

Reservations are subject to cancellation in the case of an unforeseen priority event.

Doors must be locked upon departure and key must be returned in our after-hours deposit slot immediately after your event.

Triangle Communications is not responsible for accidents or items left or misplaced.

Guidelines are subject to change.

Meeting Room Request

Terms and Conditions
By checking the box below you accept responsiblity for any cleaning and damage charges incurred during the above-time. You must provide a $200 Cleaning and Damage Deposit and pick up Meeting Room Keys before your reservation (drop off at 2121 US Hwy 2 NW or mail to HOSPITALITY ROOM, PO BOX 1140, HAVRE MT 59501)