Business Boost Grants

Triangle Business Boost Grants are available for education, training or assistance to new or expanding businesses located within Triangle’s service area.   Educational or training grants are for students or attendees (not for trainers, presenters or facilitators) and can be used for registration fees to attend.

Grant funds for business assistance can be used for small capital purchases (tools, equipment, specific supplies), marketing and administrative expenses (letterhead, business cards, website, brochure printing, advertising, signage and software), but not ongoing operational expenses. Business assistance can also include financial assistance to offset costs in launching your first business website. 

Considerations for awards include a demonstrated need and projects that will have a positive impact on the business and general economic development of the region as it relates to our company’s mission. 

All requests are subject to the availability of funds at the time the application is received with preference given to first time applicants.

Applications are reviewed monthly, so please apply at least 30 days in advance. For more information or assistance, please contact Triangle's Economic Development Specialist, Anne Boothe.

Business Boost Grant Application

Please list all other sources of funding for this project:

Terms and Conditions

I accept responsibility for submitting a letter (no more than one page) summarizing the impact the Triangle Business Boost Grant had on your business and that you also agree to return any excess award money to Triangle.