Fiber allows for greater bandwidth which means faster Internet connections and the opportunity for future offerings.

Fiber optic cable is  less likely to have static or interference and is more durable to withstand shock and vibration.

Fiber offers Triangle Communications the flexibility to provide future offerings.

The initial investment in FTTH is costly for Triangle, but over the years it will prove to be a time and money saver as the price of copper cable continues to increase.  Subscribers will not have any increase in rates related to the FTTH upgrade. Triangle continually monitors technology and innovation to determine the viability of future offerings for our subscribers.

Fiber is coming to your front door

Triangle Communication's Fiber Map
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Learn why Fiber to the Home and Broadband are so important

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is the installation of fiber optic cable directly to every home or business.  Triangle Communications has begun an impressive FTTH upgrade that will encompass all of our exchanges over the next several years.   Fiber optic cable will replace the current copper cable in almost every location.  Fiber optic technology will open up a whole new world of superior quality voice and data services.  Fiber has a greater bandwidth capacity that can easily transmit multiple applications like telephone and Internet while leaving plenty of capacity for future advanced applications. See our FTTH Brochure for more information on Fiber to the Home.

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Are you getting Fiber and are hard to reach?

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