Long Distance

Triangle offers long distance service with LOCAL customer service, competitive, flat, direct dial rates and NO MONTHLY FEES.

Triangle Long Distance rates:

  • In-state calls are 14 cents/minute
  • Out-of-state are 12 cents/minute
  • Calls to Canada are only 14 cents/minute
  • These low rates apply any time of day, any day of the week
  • Triangle bills in 30 second increments for direct dialed calls to US telephone numbers
  • If you reach an answering system, or place a short call, you'll only be charged for half of the per-minute rate

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Fill out the PIC Freeze form and protect your long distance service from being changed without your authorization. 

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Account Code Billing. Triangle Communications offers Account Code Billing. This convenient service allows businesses to assign code numbers for employees and/or departments.  Codes must be dialed when placing a call and the phone bill will reflect  the code description and the calls placed by each account. Call us at 800.332.1201 for more information or submit the form to order account code billing. 

Account Code Billing Form

Toll Free Numbers. Triangle Long Distance offers an affordable Toll Free Number service for businesses and residences that want to accept charges for incoming calls from anywhere in the US or Canada. For only $2 per month and 14 cents per minute for calls from within the contiguous United States, you can offer the convenience of a free call into your business or home. Call Triangle at 611 or 800.332.1201 to request a toll free number or submit the online form.

Toll Free Number Application