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Triangle Mails Capital Credit Checks

The Triangle Telephone Cooperative, doing business as Triangle Communications (Triangle), Board of Trustees approved a general retirement of capital credits of approximately $1,045,713.  This sum represents 50% of the capital credits earned by members in 1990 and 0.5% of those earned from 1991 to 2012. 

Triangle is mailing out capital credit checks to current and former cooperative members in October.  The amount of each check varies based on how much usage the member had with the cooperative during the year or years being retired. 

Capital credits are just one benefit of cooperative membership.  Because the members are the owners of the cooperative, each member is allocated a portion of the cooperative’s profits each year.  These allocations are paid out as general retirements in future years depending on the financial position of the cooperative.

Triangle also disburses capital credits in full upon the death of any member who is a natural person.  The estate retirements have totaled over $600,000 each year for the last three years. 

Triangle Communications (Triangle) provides local telephone service to over 17,000 access lines in 39 exchanges located in 16 counties.  Triangle is committed to providing access to advanced, high quality, reliable communications services at competitive prices, while focusing on personal service and customer satisfaction.  Triangle provides various telecommunications services including long distance and Broadband Internet.  Triangle is also dedicated to enhancing quality of life, educational opportunity and economic development in the communities it serves.