Broadband Trouble Shooting


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A Few Things You Can Try: 

  • Disconnect the power from the router and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting.
  • Make sure phone line from router is firmly plugged into a phone jack and router.
  • Make sure that there is a filter on all devices plugged into phone jacks including: phones, answering machines, fax machines, satellites, etc. except modem/router
  • If using a splitter/filter be sure that cord from router is plugged into the DSL side of the splitter.
  • Try bypassing the splitter and plugging the line from the router directly into the phone jack.
  • If on fiber optics or using a separate modem, try bypassing the router and plugging computer directly to ethernet cable.
  • For wireless information including SSID (Wireless connection name) and security key or passphrase look at the bottom of the router. There is usually a sticker that contains that information as well as the public ip, the router’s ip and log in information.
  • For speed issues go to
  • Be sure to have the PC connected directly to the router/modem with an ethernet cable and disconnect all other devices before running the test.
  • Do Not Press the Reset Button on the back of the router. (Paperclip in reset hole)

If you have pressed the reset button on the router contact tech support to help reprogram the router.