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 Call 24/7 (800) 332-1201 or 
611 from your Triangle phone.
Pay By Phone:
(888) 815-1040

A Few Things You Can Try:

Unplug all telephones and accessories (answering machines, faxes, modems, computers, security systems, satellite dishes, etc.).  Leave everything unplugged for at least 5 minutes.  Try plugging in a corded phone and see if you have dial tone.  If you do, plug in each piece of equipment one at a time to see which one is causing the trouble.

If all phone equipment is still not working, go outside to your network interface device (NID) and test a corded phone in the inside test jack to determine if the problem is with your equipment, inside wiring or Triangle's wiring.  The NID is located where the phone lines enter your building.  

Noise on a Cordless Phone- Several factors, not associated with the phone line itself, may cause noise on cordless phones.  Noise can be caused by weather, fluorescent lights, CB radios, AM/FM radio stations and other temporary conditions.  Please contact the cordless phone manufacturer for assistance.  Oftentimes, the solution can be as simple as replacing your cordless phone's handset battery.

Always keep a corded phone on hand for testing and use during power outages.

Triangle Communications encourages you to do some simple troubleshooting tests above before requesting a service call.  These tests may save you time and money.  If a service call is made to your location and your phone set is causing the trouble, you may be billed for the call.  Technicians do not repair or replace telephone sets.  If you subscribe to Triangle's Inside Wire Maintenance, repair of the jacks and wiring inside your home or business will be covered.