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Community Wifi

We are proud to announce that we are implementing Community Wi-Fi programs in our service area!  As a value-added service to your broadband, all Triangle Communications broadband members will have free access to Wi-Fi in select locations.

Current Locations

Fort Benton


Big Timber



Where can I connect?

Fort Benton and Big Timber are the first two communities.  The areas this service is available will vary by town.  Stayed tuned for additional communities.  Please see our map for coverage area in these towns. 

Who can connect?

Community Wi-Fi is free for all members who have broadband with us.  This value-added service is a way for our members to extend their wireless footprint and to save on data plans while they are in the downtown area.  People traveling through the area who are not Triangle Communication members can sign up for an hour, day, week or month of service through the sign on page for a nominal fee.

How do I connect?

Open your wireless settings and select the network called “Triangle Community Wi-Fi”.  You will be directed to a webpage where you will select that you are an existing Triangle Communications member.  Enter your username and password and click “Sign On”.  If you do not know your username or password, please call 1-877-730-8215 and a representative will assist you with your credentials.

How many devices can I connect?

The free Community Wi-Fi for our members allows up to 3 devices to be connnected.  The paid service allows 1 device.

Does Triangle Communications collect any information about me or my device?

Triangle Communications does not have access to your device or collect any personal information of users connecting to the Wi-Fi. The system does, however, collect computer information such as the type of computer, operating system, and Wi-Fi usage that will help us better serve you as this program grows.

How long can I be on without interruption?

Connections will last as long as 60 minutes. After that connection time, users must reconnect and acknowledge the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy again.

Why can I not connect?

It is possible that your settings are not configured to search for new Wi-Fi networks. Remember, you must be outside and in one of our coverage areas to enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi. If you need assistance connecting, call our 24/7 tech support at 1-877-730-8215.

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