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It's Streaming Time!

Big Internet from Triangle

Here in Montana, we go big. That includes our Internet. We like watching movies, shows and sports online—on multiple devices at the same time, without buffering and down time. When you upgrade your speed to 12Mbps or higher we’ll throw in some big fun:

That’s a value of $110 for your viewing pleasure. Go bigger today: faster Internet + more entertainment from Triangle Communications…the company that lives Montana.

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Don't just take our word!

Hear what the Mattson's have to say.

Pursuing the American Stream, they found Montana-sized Internet!

Meet Vince and Kerry, a couple of third-generation farmers with two children. Their family loves to stream their favorite shows using Triangle internet. They use Triangle to keep their household and farm connected. Why? Because they are Montanans, and so are we, and so are you.

*offer applies to 12Mbps or higher.

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