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Using Quick Pay to pay on any account

You can use our Quick Pay option to make a payment on any account. This easy pay option is available 24/7 for your (or someone else's) account. All you need is the Name and Account number, the amount you wish to pay, and the Card or Bank Account information.

Enjoy this tutorial video or read the step by step instructions below. 

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Stay Alert - Paypal warns against email scam

If you sell goods online, you'll want to keep an eye out for suspicious activity coming from a scammer who claims to be PayPal. Here's how it works: An "interested buyer" will contact you and ask you to accept payment through PayPal. You'll then receive an email that looks like it's from PayPal, saying you've received payment. If you check your PayPal account, the money isn't there.

Unfortunately, many people don't take the time to check their PayPal account, send the purchased items, and end up without both the money and the goods (not to mention shipping fees). Skipping the step of checking the PayPal account is understandable, considering the emails saying the payment has been made look legitimate.

Take a closer look, though, and you may see a false sender email address or other red flags giving the scammer away. To protect yourself, examine all emails carefully and always double-check your PayPal account to make sure messages are accurate. You can forward a suspicious email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and PayPal security  experts will examine it and take action if needed.

What Internet speed do I need & does my router have an affect?

Does your Netflix buffer at times? Does your Facetime say poor connection? Does your Internet speed vary based on the number of people home or how many people are trying to use the Internet?

These are all signs that you need to upgrade your Internet speed or your router. Your Internet speed is broken into 2 parts. Download speed and upload speed. The amount of speed you need depends on how you are using the Internet and how many devices are connected to the Internet. Streaming of video typically uses download speed and video calls or online back up’s use upload speed. Upload speeds are critical for people who work from home. The question becomes how much speed do you need at your house.

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If you visited the Hill County Electric (HCE)/Triangle Communications (Triangle) office during December and January, you probably noticed we had some construction going on. The renovations to our lobby are complete so stop and take a look! As always, our team will be more than happy to help you with any of your services or if you just need to drop off a payment.

Now you can take care of your HCE, Triangle and Triangle Mobile needs in one stop! Thank you to our employees and contractors for all the hard work to create this incredible new retail space in a short amount of time. Check out the project from start to finish in the photos below.

lobby remodel

CEO Message - March/April 2019

Looking towards the future

As many of you know, Triangle Communications is a cooperative and as a cooperative we are a nonprofit business. You, our members, are the owners. Everything we do is for you, not the quarterly dividend. Our Board is elected by and made up of members. The Board ensures that we are headed in the direction of cost control and rate containment whenever possible. Every day, Triangle strives to provide you with the best possible products and services at the best cost possible.

In this fast-paced world we live in, everyone is looking for the best price on any product and service they use. As competition has moved into some of our serving areas, questions have come up regarding our rates. I would like to discuss why our rates may be higher at Triangle for some of our products and services.

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