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We're bringing Fiber to Rural Montana.



We've been busy deploying a Fiber Network across our service area in Montana. In fact, the amount of Fiber we've installed can cross the U.S. more than twice!

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What is Fiber?

Faster Internet

Fiber unleashes the possibilities of what you can do with the Internet. Upgrade to faster speeds and enjoy!

Better Experience

If you upgrade your plan, the experience won’t leave you disappointed! Plus, Fiber is likely to have less static and interference. 

Future Ready

The average number of devices per home is currently 12. That number will continue to rise. With Fiber, you’ll always have access to the latest technology to support your connected home. 

How It Works


We work alongside city and county leaders as well as landowners to bring Fiber to our members. This means reviewing infrastructure – roads, underground utility paths, and land ownership, to make sure exchanges are ready to design and build a brand new network.


Every mile of this super-fast network has to be planned – we can’t just put it anywhere. We use the data collected to create a map of where we can build (based on existing utility poles and water, gas, and electricity lines).


With our plan in place, we start the hard work of constructing hundreds of miles of state-of-the-art fiber optic cable. You will see our right-of-way team, engineers and contractors in the streets and fields throughout the project.

Sign up

All members with existing active service will have Fiber brought to them. Any location in the exchange without active service will need to call in advance to initiate service.


We complete the process by installing electronics and equipment in your home or business!

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