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Tech Shop

Your brand new device is just $28 per month! 

Select a device and pay the low monthly rate in addition to your internet bill for 24 months. After that, it's yours! 


What's included

iPad (9th gen.)
Apple Care

Complete this form to request your device. We will be in touch to confirm order details shortly!

Terms and Agreements

Active Triangle Broadband service is required during the entire Tech Shop repayment term.

The cost of the device is in addition to the cost of your Triangle Internet service for 24 months. If your Internet service is disconnected during that time for any reason, the balance of the offer will be billed in a lump sum on your next Triangle bill.

Triangle is not responsible for technical support, lost, stolen or malfunctioning devices. Triangle is not responsible for compatibility of devices purchased with customer’s network other equipment or software. Warranties are provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer must be contacted directly if a problem arises.

This offer is subject to credit approval. The device will be shipped and delivered directly from the supplier to the physical address listed above. Delivery tracking will be the customer’s responsibility.

Triangle is not responsible for the transportation or delivery of the device.

Based upon credit approval. A credit check may be necessary to base this decision.

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