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CEO Message - Sept/Oct 2020

sept oct2020In March, Triangle Communications (Triangle) made the difficult decision to close our doors to the public for the safety of our members and our employees. We had hoped that the pandemic would be under control by now and we would be able to resume normalcy. That has not happened, and we are now under the Governor’s request that a mask be worn in all public locations. As such, we will continue to keep our doors closed for now. When this situation subsides or we can have unmasked conversations with you, our member, we will again open our doors to the public. In the meantime, please continue to make appointments if you need to and call us for additional help or information.

As you may know, the Triangle Board of Trustees had decided in order to better serve our membership we were going to hold our annual meeting in two locations this year in October. One meeting in the North, located in Havre and one in the South, located in Big Timber.

However, due to the increase in COVID cases throughout the State of Montana; the Board has made the difficult decision to cancel our annual meetings at both locations. Given the rapid growth of COVID spreading across our great state and volatility of not knowing who or when someone may contract the virus, the Board has weighed in on the side of caution for 2020. Due to the fact that our bylaws do not allow for an Annual Meeting outside of the month of October, the Board will continue to look at the future and decide if it is best to hold a Special Meeting or wait until the next Annual Meeting to handle the cooperative’s business.

In this month’s magazine you will find the information that would have been included in the annual meeting notice. There are messages from the President of Triangle’s Board of Trustees and the financial report from Triangle’s CFO.

Please take the time to look over this information to keep up to date on the operations of your cooperative. Voting for Trustees to represent Districts 1 and 3 will have to take place at either the Special Meeting or next year’s Annual Meeting.

Because we are an essential services company, it is our top priority to continue supporting you, our members. You will continue to receive the same friendly and expert level of support you expect from our customer service and tech support teams. I have asked our team to continue to ask questions about your health and those in your household. This is for your protection and our employees. Our technicians that may visit your home for an install or repair are provided with personal protection equipment and disinfectant to keep everyone safe.

Our Havre and Big Timber office staff are available by appointment for in person assistance. Please call 1-800-332-1201 between 8am – 5pm to schedule an appointment. Visit our website at www.itstriangle.com for information on services, help or payments options.

Your Board of Trustees and I thank you for your understanding as we find our way through this difficult time. Please stay safe and stay healthy.

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