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Stay Alert! Watch out for fake retail sites

As you start your holiday shopping, you'll no doubt be looking for great deals   that is, the best prices for the items you want to buy. Keep in mind, however, that some prices truly are too good to be true. Fake websites that advertise extreme bargains and mimic actual shopping sites are out there, and they want to trick you out of your money by not sending you the products you order or sending you shoddy look-alike products instead.

At these sites, you may be asked to "update" your credit card information before you make a purchase. Or you may complete a transaction, only to receive nothing and likely have your credit card number put up for sale on the dark web. Some fake sites may even install malware on your computer.

To spot fake sites, look for the following telltale signs:

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Join us for your Annual Meeting

 Triangle will be holding its annual meeting of members on Saturday, October 13th at MSU-Northern’s student union building in Havre.  There will be food, your friends and neighbors and some great prizes.  Don’t miss your chance to win the Grand Prize of tickets to the 2019 Red Ants Pants Festival or a 55 inch Samsung Smart TV!  You won’t want to miss it.  Registration starts at 8:30am with the business portion of the meeting at 10:00am.  A delicious lunch will follow!  We hope to see you Saturday, October 13th. 

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Question: I've seen posts on Facebook that say the platform only allows me to view posts from 26 friends. I have more than that whose activities I want to keep up with. Is there a way around this?

Answer: First of all, know that the posts you've seen that claim you can only see the posts of 26 friends are untrue. However, Facebook does use a "ranking" process that determines whose posts you see, and in what order, based on your previous interactions on the site. For example, if you frequently like, share, or comment on a particular friend's posts, it's likely that friend's future posts will be shown to you more often.

That said, there are ways to adjust whose posts you see more frequently.

First, you can prioritize who to see first:

1. In the top-right portion of your home screen, click the down-arrow.
2. From the drop-down list, select News Feed Preferences.
3. Select Prioritize who to see first.
4. Select the people whose posts you want to see first. When finished, click Done.

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Triangle Communications has confirmed a fiber cut in Harlowton caused Internet and telephone outages for our members, as well as cell phone use in the area. Harlowton, Martinsdale and White Sulphur Springs were also affected, resulting in no internet and telephone service. This cut cable also affected the ability in other exchanges to place long distance calls and calls within extended area calling. We expect this outage to last most of the day on August 23rd. 911 was also affected and was the top priority for restoring of services.

A large fiber optic cable as well as a large copper cable carrying high volumes of traffic was cut shortly after 10:15 am by contractors working in the area. This cut triggered alarms and immediate mobilization of Triangle Communication technicians from throughout the company.

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Stay Alert! Watch out for prize scams

Scammers look for any way they can to convince you to do what they want. One of their tactics is to tell you you've won a prize, hoping that your excitement will overshadow your common sense. Don't fall for it! Remember, if you have to pay anything in time or money, it's not a real prize. Here are just a few examples of what you might be asked to do to claim your "prize."

  •  Pay a fee
  • Wire money
  • Deposit a check sent to you
  • Attend a sales meeting
  • Speak with a "representative" on the phone

In order to win a contest, you must have entered. So if the source of the prize doesn't sound familiar to you, that's another red flag. There are rules that must be followed for real contests. For example, it's illegal to ask you to pay or buy something to enter or increase your odds of winning. Additionally, contest operators are required to tell you the odds of winning, the value of the prizes, the cost to enter (which should be free), and other terms and conditions.

Steer clear of "contest operators" that don't follow the rules and, if you're not sure, do an online search for the name of the operator plus the word "scam."

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