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Sponsorships and Community Partnerships

Triangle Communications is dedicated to partnering with community and non-profit organizations to support events, activities and projects that serve the needs of the members in our cooperative service area. Our area of interest includes: arts and culture; education; sports and recreation; community service activities; wellness and health.

Triangle Communications gives priority to requests that include the following type of activities:

  • Events that make a difference in the communities that we serve
  • Events that benefit a broad range of members
  • Opportunities for job creation
  • Civic improvement projects

Please submit your partnership request 45 days in advance.  Applications are reviewed monthly. 


Triangle Communications appreciates the opportunity to partner with your event.  We may opt to promote the sponsorship and/or the event on our website, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, customer statements, printed collateral and other digital or print avenues.  We also request to take photos and/or video footage to capture the event. Due to regulatory constraints, Triangle Communications is unable to donate services, including voice and broadband. Checks will be processed once the fundraising for the project is completed. 

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